Boy’s Program



kids-with-soccerballThe program for boys consists of four levels, and is designed for youth that have lived in the streets and have experienced some type of abuse. 

Patio Day Program (level 1): The process begins in the downtown center with Level 1, which is a day program where the children receive food and their basic needs are met. 

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Boys´ Home (levels 2-4): When the boys have reached a level of commitment shown through their behavior and desire of a new life, they are taken to Level 2, which is a transition phase on a farm in San Pedro.  In this phase, they begin a new life far away from the temptations of the city: drugs, alcohol, and gangs.  Once they have adjusted to the structured life of the farm, they are integrated into the permanent housing of Level 3.  As they mature and are reaching adulthood they start Level 4, which is a process of preparing them to live independently and reenter society.


The boys learn to care for animals

 More Photos of the Boys´ Home